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1 SHA/2022/3150-3938 14-03-2022 Government Orders regarding Reservation of 63 HBP2.0 packages under Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY Mukh Mantri Sehat Bima Yojana (AB PM-JAY MMSBY)
2 COVID/NHM/pb/21/12444 24-05-2021 Treatment charges for COVID-19 beneficiary patient under Ayushman Bharat - Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojna (AB-SSBY)
3 SHA/2021/4729-4826 17-05-2021 Government Orders regarding De-reservation of 55 reserved packages under AB-SSBY
4 SHA/2020/6342_6996 13-08-2020 Government Orders regarding allowing 25 packages out of 180 Government reseverd 180 Packages ( HBP2.0) in private hospitals
5 SHA/2020/4582-5133 11-07-2020 Orders regarding testing and treatment of COVID-19 AB-SSBY beneficiaries in Empaneled Private hospitals under AB-SSB
6 SHA/2020/2857-2924 06-04-2020 Regarding insurance cover of Rs 50 Lakh for all frontline healthcare working involved in managing COVID-19 outbreak
Annexure A (Private Hospital)
Annexure A (Public Hospital)
7 SHA/2020/1670-2250 24-03-2020 Regarding De-Reserving of Obstetrics and Gynaecology packages


# Document Number Dated Particulars Download
1 SHA/2022/72-146 05-01-2022 Addendum-II To SAFU Anti- Fraud Guidlines- BIS
2 SHA/2021/4827-4928 17-05-2021 Addendum to SAFU Guidelines Appellate Committee
3 SHA/2021/1455-1526 08-02-2021 Addendum to SAFU Guidelines for BIS
4 SOPs of SAFU SOPs of State Anti Fraud Unit (SAFU), SHA, Punjab
5 07/33/2020-2H4/2812 06/11/2020 Revised Notification of constitution of State Anti Fraud Unit (SAFU) at State Level Under AB-SSBY
6 07/33/2020-2H4/2823 06/11/2020 Revised Notification of constitution of District Anti Fraud Unit (DAFU) at Distirct Level Under AB-SSBY